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Sketching outdoors – new ‘Favourite Things’ to take.

Sketching outside on a blustery day.
A real passion for something often takes you to unusual places in the most challenging weather! So I needed to put together a mini sketching kit for those blustery days ~ something exciting but compact ~ easy to manage even in the fickle wind. With just a few materials it is still possible to capture the essence of that place or time.

I’m thrilled with the jewel-like colours of the solid inks, the gentlest touch of your brush wets and lifts a small amount, which goes a long way. As the inks fix almost immediately to your working surface they are the perfect thing for sketching ‘en plein air’. They are also wonderful for painting on fabric – so many possibilities. These colours make a great impact – my New Favourite Thing. And the box comes with a little water brush inside. I am very impressed.

The watersoluable pencils are lush. Thick and relatively soft cores (for graphite pencils) which put down a confident, expressive mark. Blending is easy with a little water, giving a soft neutral wash. Experiment a little to vary the intensity.

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Jewel-like ink colours in half pan format, made by Derwent:
Rich, thick, dark Derwent watersoluable sketching pencils in a tin:
Budget but brilliant sketch books – choose the size:

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