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About us

We create lovely Photo canvases together.

Photos of your most treasured moments, made WOW with expert photo styling.

Since studying Fine Art and Design I now love to work both with messy, tactile art materials, and in photography styling. This means that I have the joy of surrounding myself with lovely, inspired photo artworks, and so can you…

My own creative inspiration comes from captivating subjects including landscapes, water, skies, trees, interesting found objects, people, animals, flowers, birds, cityscapes and interiors. Especially if the light is particularly alluring. Also from the joy of many hours creating these digital photographic canvas artworks. I’m beguiled by gardens, buildings and their interiors, and all the treasures and mementos which are kept there, full of memories and intriguing stories. I would love to make such mementos on canvas with you, for your home and as luxury quality gifts.

My Photo Prints

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If you have any queries please let us know by filling in this contact form and we will reply as soon as we can.