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The Style Gallery

Any Style here can be worked into your colour photos. Or your colour photos could be reworked into a black and white Style. It will be your very own subject but with the prominent ‘Look and Feel’ of your chosen Style.

“Your photos as Art – because memories are priceless.”

Painterly category:

Below: Impressionist Art – Painterly – Breezy mark making for an atmospheric depiction in a classic and universally appreciated style. These strokes of fragmented light and colour have the character of gouache paint.

Below: Coloured Pencil Art – Painterly – Atmospheric and delicately constructed drawings with a light touch. Textural coloured pencil is implied here, with shaded areas and descriptive lines of lovely hues to match with, and based on, your subject.

* * * * * *

Below: Delicate Oil Painting – Painterly – A painting style full of quirky mark-making and interesting details. Small and sensitive oil painterly marks to preserve key original elements while adding a sense of dynamic light. Lovely hues to match with, and based on, your subject.

Below: Aqua Colour Art – Painterly – Flowing washes and details in a classic watercolour look. Elements from your photograph are transformed in the style of this much loved medium, using a palette based around Light Cerulean Blue.

Below: Wash Sketch Art – Painterly – Textural lines work beautifully with fresh watercolour inspired washes in this distinctive rendering. Semi abstracted but readable shapes from your photo endure.

Below: Smeary Brushwork Art – Painterly – Bold but sensitive, decadent layers of smoothly brushed colours. A representation of contemporary layers of oil paint and oil medium, showing large brush marks and lines. Parts of the original photo detail are veiled and slightly visible.

* * * * * *

Below: Bright Pastels Art – Painterly – Soft edges and slightly smudgy colours for this lovely, bright and airy look. Contrasty and radiant pastel canvases.

Below: Mixed Dry Media Art – Painterly – Subtle and expressive, this look captures nuances of light, shade, texture and colour. Very close to your original picture, this is an easy, natural Style.

Below: Muted Strokes Art – Painterly – Sophisticated in it’s subtle light and gentle handling of colour. Softly pleasing brush stroke styles are relaxing and easy on the eye.

Below: Radiant Swirls Art – Painterly – Sunlight shines throughout this rendition with jaunty, meandering strokes. Suffused with the aura of bright pigments.

Below: Painted Masonry Art – Painterly – A textured ground with the look of masonry. Flowing across this stone ground are soft shapes and colours with a gently stylised application.

Below: Soft Threads Art – Painterly – Soft and fuzzy focus makes beautiful, dreamy artworks with a quirky attraction. Created with an intricate web of fine, delicately portrayed lines. Key details remain in plain focus.

Below: Detailed Bold Art – Painterly – A gorgeous lively technique with lots of texture and brightened, enriched hues. Expressive marks and details in many layers.

Below: Charcoal Study on Red – Painterly – A beautifully worked study preserving key details, on a muted warm ground which lends a soft warm red tint to the image.

Below: Charcoal Study Golden – Painterly – A gorgeous style which includes beautiful details within the depths of this classical charcoal and chalk rendering. The golden coloured background colour is partly visible, glowing through the drawing marks.

Below: Charcoal Study with Colour – Painterly – Conveyance of a study in timeless chalk and charcoal with little splashes of colour detail captured from your photograph. All carefully composed on a warm golden yellow ground.

Recoloured category:

Below: Sunset Light – Recoloured – Sunset light beams bathe the image. Warm, transparent washes of colour are used to create this lovely, fanciful treatment.

Below: Resonant Detail Tinted – Recoloured – Great contrasty detail with a fresh, green palette and a colour pop – in this case yellow. For masses of texture with a complimentary transparent colour wash.

Below: Summer Warmth – Recoloured – Warm sunshine golds pervade this lovely look, with a bold rendering of your photograph.

Below: Lagoon – Recoloured – The emerald greens and blues of tropical waters. Tiny glints of sunlight combine with the colours to suggest shallow, warm pools.

Below: Amethyst Crystal – Recoloured – The colours and light shining from amethyst crystals combine with a beautiful version of your photograph which has fortified deep tones.

Below: Dark Rich Mulberry – Recoloured – Deep, rich mulberry shades and highlights add satisfying warmth to this handsome style. Lots of detail and deep softness.

Below: Memory Lane – Recoloured – See the studio printed style of plate edge marks and light leaks in this classic photographer’s print treatment. Your photo memories travel through the mists of time. This style of canvas print has black sides.

Below: Oyster Pearl – Recoloured – Hints of a very soft and delicate rainbow sheen create this beautiful look, holding your original photo’s detail. Sea oyster pearls are highly prized for their natural lustre.

Below: Neon Bright Orchid – Recoloured – A rugged and deeply tonal design plus a flash of Neon Orchid Pink. A bold and striking modern treatment to make your photo images pop.

Black and White category:

Below: Dolphin Greys – Black and White – Smooth-toned, abstracted shapes of grey with quirky edge details. A graphical, semi abstract variation.

Below: Resonant Detail – Black and White – Highly detailed monochrome to emphasise every part of your photograph with strong tone and structure. Masses of lovely texture.

Below: Bold Charcoal Sketch – Black and White – Energetic blended dry media strokes in this style, as if from sketchbook to canvas. Drawing inspiration from your favourite photos.

Below: Black Grid Montage – Black and White – A classic, architectural style for modern and period interiors alike. Reminiscent of Bauhaus elegance, simplicity and striking black and white juxtaposition.

Below: Alabaster Glow – Black and White – The alabaster glow of this dreamy black and white look is infused with passages of softness. Key details are retained, abounding with gossamer light and freshness.

Below: Classic Black and White – Black and White – A classical, strong black and white photographic look which will compliment any space. A bold and refined style to beautify your interiors.

Below: Grey Spectrum Core – Black and White – A handsome tonal design, a bold and striking treatment with clarity and detail. Sumptuous greys provide lovely texture and tonal depth.

Below: Smudgy Deep Tones – Black and White – Soft smudgy deep tones and gently blended forms make this treatment a distinctive style. Strong and gentle, with some soft details retained.

Blended category:

Below: Vintage Floral Fusion – Blended – Bold arrangements of blooms give a strong black and white treatment some vintage and jewel-like accents. Colourful flowers combined with the strong tones embellish the mood with a touch of grace.

Below: Morris Blossom Fusion – Blended – William Morris green leaves and amber orange blossoms are woven through the strengthened tones of your photograph. A charming and captivating rework.

Below: Mono Slate Fusion – Blended – Natural slate surface grain is blended through the original tones of your photograph to make this strong combination in black, white and greys.

Below: Light of Heart Fusion – Blended – This style warms the heart with light that glows gently all around – surrounded by love. The colours of your photograph are lightened and given some warmth where required to achieve this look. Heart shaped glints of light and warm ambiance all around your favourite subjects.

Below: Rose Blooms Fusion – Blended – Roses fill this style with summery blooms and the declaration of love for those most special people, times and places.

Below: Sweet Roses Fusion – Blended – Very soft rose blossoms delicately add a tender ambiance. Gorgeous silky soft petals abound.

Below: Striped Tulip Fusion – Blended – Tulips artwork enhances the subject in this carefully produced blend with classically painted flower arrangement brightening your photographs, and your day.

Below: Light Gems Fusion – Blended – An array of glinting colours enliven this lovely, vibrant style. Emphasise the flare and excitement of your best photos.

Below: Colour Wash Fusion – Blended – Bright, vibrant colour for your subject tops the background which is washed with the simple plaster treatment of an idyllic rural abode. The core elements or focal point of your photos are enhanced.

Below: Tapestry Soft Fusion – Blended – Bright, vibrant colour detail over a background veiled with a handcrafted tapestry hanging. The core elements or focal point of your photos are enhanced.

Abstract category:

Below: Diffuse Lights – Abstract – Coloured lights comprising misty circles of tiny points of colour, this style has depth and glowing colours, referencing those within your own photos.

Below: Radiant Fibres – Abstract – Concentric threads shimmer through clouds of coloured light, referencing those within your own photos.

Below: Abstract Layer Dabs – Abstract – Painterly dabs of colour layered over abstracted shapes and colours referencing those within your own photos.

Below: Abstract Sweeping Pastels – Abstract – Large and bold marks which blend tone and colour together in an abstract rendering, based on your photos.

Below: Light Echoes – Abstract – Shimmering liquid lights with glowing strands intertwined through the depths. The colours and composition reference those within your own photos.

Below: Burnished Pool – Abstract – Circles of light imprinted onto the composition of colours beneath, incorporated from those within your photos.

Semi-abstract category:

Below: Lustrous Lines Abstract – Semi Abstract – A style woven with luxurious strands of silken colour, referencing your own photos. The colours of your photograph are enhanced where required to achieve this look.

Below: Oil Glaze Canvas – Semi Abstract – An abstracted ‘studio oils on canvas’ reference gives a new plane of dimension, colour and texture. The colours of your photograph are enhanced where required to achieve this look.

Below: Colour Flare – Semi Abstract – Coloured points of blurred, filmy light add a touch of sparkle and flare. The colours of your photograph are enhanced where required to achieve this look.

Below: Blueberry Strands – Semi Abstract – Softly crafted linear marks define form and add enchanting character. Your subject is given creative radiance.

Below: Smooth Opaque Paint – Semi Abstract – Soft semi abstracted shapes with some interesting small details become a tapestry of colour, referencing hues from within your own pictures.

Below: Vivid Chequers – Semi Abstract – A high contrast rendition of your photograph with transparent tapestry of squares. The colours of your photograph are enhanced where required to achieve this look.

Below: Orchid Lights – Semi Abstract – A lightened treatment of your photo overlaid and blended with a bouquet of sweet, summery floral hues.

Below: Pastel Veil – Semi Abstract – A slightly muted style with vigorous but soft lines to boost the composition, this is a striking and lovely contemporary style.

Below: Rainbow Glass – Semi Abstract – Rainbow colours of glass-like patterning fuse with your photograph to give this style a likeness to handmade art deco pieces.

Below: Glassy Jewels – Semi Abstract – Gemstone colours of glass-like patterning fuse with your photograph to give this style a likeness to handmade art deco pieces.