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Artist’s Statement.

About the Artist

Do you remember the magic of learning about the world around you as an inquisitive child, or pausing to watch a sparkling dance of sunlight across the glassy surface of a stream? When you are completely fascinated by something, time stands still. Capturing these moments in pictures keeps us connected with nature, and each other. These moments are the inspiration for my work.

With sketchpad, assorted media and a flask of tea or coffee, wanderings take me to areas of open countryside, managed parkland, farmed landscapes, or next to the sea. Avid sketching begins, perhaps also utilising photographs and written notes. Favourite themes are light, water, sky, changing weather, the seasons, trees, plants and flowers.

Back in the studio final images are produced, taking attentive days or weeks to complete, branching out from those first ideas. Favourite media are wax and oil, watercolours, ink, acrylics, pencils, pastels, charcoal, hand-made and hand-printed plates, my own altered photographs, and fusions of all these. I especially love to use contrast and texture, often in a semi-abstracted way. Now, to complete the process, the best part is to share with you these expressions of the amazing world around us.

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