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How to choose art – The benefits for you.

Rule number one: If you instantly like a piece of art, do not hesitate – that one is for you!

Buy art that you feel a connection with, whether you love the colours, textures, the subject or the overall atmosphere that it evokes. If you are drawn to it you will feel that emotional connection. Buying art is a very intuitive process, and no one can express what you are passionate about better than you.

Your walls are themselves a blank canvas, an opportunity to showcase your beautiful art purchases. What you choose to adorn your walls with will make that place feel uniquely yours. Exhibiting our art, sharing the beauty that we are drawn to, paints a picture of our own nature without the need for words.

Art plays a huge role in the interior design of a place. A new level of luxury and depth can be enjoyed every day by you, and your friends and family, in your own surroundings. Art draws people to it, it can be a wonderful focal point for your rooms.

Art helps to bring balance by opening up the creative part of your mind. This takes place with art around you every day, and can give you feelings such as calmness, invigoration, whimsy, joy, and general contentment. Pausing to enjoy a positive mood helps you to relax and forget your day-to-day activities for a while, to appreciate your environment, and so to can enjoy better health and relationships.

Pictures have stories and experiences behind them. The story behind your chosen pieces gives you a connection with that art and the artist, when they share that story with you. Buying directly from the artist shows that you appreciate what they do, and it encourages them to continue their practice.

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