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How to choose art – Artworks as gifts.

Imagine how such a distinctive gift, created with love and chosen by you, can make a truly outstanding favour for a friend, relative or colleague. How special they will feel, and what a lovely, memorable connection to have with them.

However, a little mischievousness may be required on your part:
To surprise a friend or relative with just the right expertly made gift, you must be clever and enquiring. So perhaps you could observe or ask after their living space – find out what is already on their walls, and enquire after their very favourite colours. What styles do they like? Canvas prints or framed paper prints? If you are still a litte unsure, would they love a contrasting black and white piece, perhaps? Black and white art will happily fit in anywhere, with any other colours.

When you need to find a gift for a special occasion like a new job or a promotion, a graduation or an engagement, for a wedding couple and their guests, moving home, or a new baby or child – such events can be celebrated and marked with a fine, hand finished print. Our prints, only the best prints for you, are made to last.

Not all gifts need to be, or should be, large or expensive. Giving smaller artworks can make a significant impact. Especially for appartments or small spaces within any building, you can artfully find something to suit. Similarly, a set of smaller prints as gifts for a group of friends, relatives or party guests for example, can be both modest and exciting to receive.

Have a browse around our collection for inspiration, our prints range starts at a modest 8 ins square. Every artwork has taken hours of loving artistry to create, and is hand finished to delight you and your gift recipients.

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