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How to choose art – Your rooms and spaces.

Selecting art – Your rooms and spaces.

Generally speaking, on a large, plain wall a tiny piece of artwork would not be suitable. Conversely, artwork that is too big could possibly overtake everything else in the room.

But … if you absolutely love it and want to own it, you may be compelled to buy it at once and make it work with the space you have. Here at A Bit of Colour we have some size options, using the most beautiful quality materials, to enable you to select a better match for your surroundings.

A little more on some specific rooms:

Art for the Living Room or sitting room.
The most fun room to decorate with art. This is likely the room most of your guests will see and spend time in. Here you may set the feel or mood of your home, and you can place pieces which can be great conversation starters. People see different things within an artwork and this in itself can be of great interest for you and your guests. Adding beautiful and, of course, high quality passages of colour here can absolutely lift the whole room.

Art for an open plan space.
Living and working in open plan spaces can offer large, empty walls just asking for art prints. By careful choice of size and placement, if desired you can clearly define the various functional areas of the space. You may still create a cohesive look between rooms, but place each group of artworks firmly in one space.

Art for the Kitchen.
Do not forget to adorn your kitchen – as the heart of the home it deserves your attention too. Quirky wall spaces, countertops or niches above cabinets are perfect homes for art – well out of harm’s way of course. Never near a cooker, radiator or other heat source. Small or medium sized prints will complement your kitchen perfectly. Brighten up your kitchen.

Art for the Bedroom.
Your sanctuary of relaxation, where your artwork can beautifully convey that atmosphere. A large canvas print can be very luxurious over or near to a bed. Larger scale pieces in soothing tones work really well. Landscapes and soft, delicate photographs, or flowing watercolours can look amazing here.

Art for the Office.
Whether you work from your home or in an external office, art is a great way to personalize your space and keeping you inspired. Add some long shelves, a hanging rail or a good piece of display furniture near to where you work. Now find uplifting prints that you connect with, things that simply please you and lift your spirits. Combinations of images will work especially well, you can rearrange them for fresh inspirations. For an office with no window nearby, choose something airy and natural to envoke feelings of being outdoors.

Art for the Bathroom.
Art in the bathroom? For people who appreciate the value of a little pampering each morning, and at the end of the day. Serenity, quirkiness, expressive or figurative – all can be used to enhance your own choice of décor and mood for this room. Perhaps your bath or shower can become a woodland spa, or whisk you away to a quiet beach. Look around for all the places which might benefit from a bit of colour and interest. Remember though to keep your lovely artworks away from steam and splashes.

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