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How to choose art – Enduring art styles.

Some types of art will always be popular for all types of homes. Here are some ideas for you:

Contemporary Art.
Contemporary art is simply the art of today, created during our lifetimes. Contemporary art may include innovative works that use mixed media and harness new technology in some way. For example, not so long ago the camera was considered to be new technology, as it introduced photography as an art form.

Impressionism Art.
Impressionism first developed as an art form in Paris in the 1860s. It focuses on capturing the impression of a particular instant. It is beautiful and hugely popular.

Impressionism art is mostly created by the artist outdoors, where the painters capture the transient and momentary effects of the sunlight on their subject. The open-air settings that these painters worked in resulted in artwork that had greater effects of color and light. This art was produced in front of the subjects, capturing them in that very moment.

With it’s immediate brush strokes, impressionism art is capable of conveying the true essence of the subject. It tells a story about the subject, relying on realistic depictions. The touch of reality makes this type of art extremely popular. People can actually connect with the message that the painting is trying to convey, and that is the reason art lovers make sure to have this type of art in their homes.

Impressionism art looks great hanging on the walls of living rooms or more formal sitting spaces. It is sure to grab the attention of your guests because of the touch of reality and the flow of emotions that these paintings carry.

Abstract Art.
Abstract art has been around for many years. It depicts an idea rather than any objective elements. Abstract prints can be ethereal and evocative of curiosity and flights of imagination. It is a very popular art type for homes today as it can raise the level of decorative finish for your rooms, and simultaneously add a striking touch of culture.

Abstract prints can introduce an excellent focal point. Whether your decoration style tends towards modern, traditional, industrial, bohemian, nautical, Scandi, farmhouse or any other – the right abstract print will fit right in.

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