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Your photo on Premium Stretched Canvas – Portrait


Your photo on a portrait canvas.

Look through your photos for your favourites! Please only send your own photos, or those which you have permission to send and to have made into prints (from the subjects in, and/or owners of, the photos).

High quality images give better results! I will maximise every image for best printing, but the larger and higher quality, the better. Large size, high dpi (dots per inch) clear and well focussed shots are best.

Artist-made photo prints! If there are any very minor things or small blemishes in your photo which you do not want in your print, please let me know and I will disguise them for you. Other than these tiny corrections, please ensure that you are happy with everything in your image.

If the proportions of your photo do not quite match the finished canvas size, we will automatically adjust it for you, with careful cropping so that it will fit. You will lose a small amount of the image, but we will do our utmost to make this hardly noticable.

Colours seen on mobile, tablet, computer or other screens are not always identical to the colours of prints. Please allow for some differences.

We will show you a thumbnail picture os how your image will look for your approval, and then post your print to you free of charge in the UK.


16×24 inches (40×61 cm), 20×30 inches (50×76 cm), 24×36 inches (61×91 cm), 8×12 inches (20×30 cm)



Artwork Style

Abstract Layer Dabs, Abstract Sweeping Pastels, Alabaster Glow, Amethyst Crystal, Aqua Colour Art, Black Grid Montage, Blueberry Strands, Bold Charcoal Sketch, Bright Pastels Art, Burnished Pool, Charcoal Chalk on Red, Charcoal Study with Colour, Classic Black and White, Colour Flare, Colour Wash Fusion, Coloured Pencil Art, Dark Rich Mulberry, Delicate Oil Painting, Detailed Bold Art, Diffuse Lights, Charcoal Study Golden, Dolphin Greys, Glassy Jewels, Grey Spectrum Core, Impressionist Art, Lagoon, Light Echoes, Light Gems Fusion, Light Impressionist Art, Light of Heart Fusion, Lustrous Lines Abstract, Memory Lane, Mixed Dry Media Art, Mono Slate Fusion, Morris Blossom Fusion, Muted Strokes Art, Neon Bright Orchid, Oil Glaze Canvas, Orchid Lights, Oyster Pearl, Painted Masonry Art, Pastel Veil, Radiant Fibres, Radiant Swirls Art, Rainbow Glass, Resonant Detail, Resonant Detail Tinted, Rose Blooms Fusion, Smeary Brushwork Art, Smooth Opaque Paint, Smudgy Deep Tones, Soft Threads Art, Striped Tulip Fusion, Summer Warmth, Sunset Light, Sweet Roses Fusion, Tapestry Soft Fusion, Vintage Floral Fusion, Vivid Chequers, Wash Sketch Art


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